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You’ll enjoy the best-tasting, highest-quality, freshest, most creative recipe assortment and unique food combinations — made-from-scratch and chef-inspired. We’ll even make it to order for you. And we do it all quickly and efficiently. When you go to Tomaydo Tomahhdo, you’ll sense how a different, more pronounced commitment truly makes the difference — in quality, flavor, portions and service. There’s no other restaurant like it. Unconventional, totally committed with a fresh, new attitude about excellent service, freshness, and quality and with unique food combinations and creative recipes served up in a light-hearted, casual atmosphere. Full-service restaurant benefits in a quick service style. Only Tomaydo Tomahhdo delivers a truly original restaurant experience where you feel the taste and passion behind the extraordinary food.

"A spirit of originality and excellence is evident everywhere. . . from the moment you walk through the door until you’ve finished your last morsel of food, you sense something is different...and better. You feel the flavor and passion behind the food. Because Tomaydo Tomahhdo is an extraordinary upscale restaurant company that’s truly committed to a passion to serve, to satisfy customers on every level, and to succeed. And that’s a direct reflection of its founder — her dedication and originality. At every Tomaydo Tomahhdo bistro, you’ll experience a fun and casual environment that makes a special connection with customers."