Our Happy Customers

Such an unassuming place; you'd never guess it had the best tomaydo basil soup I've ever had! I also got the tomaydo mozzarella sandwich and I swear, I would eat this everyday if I could. Worth it, through and through.

Amy M.

This is my favorite place to eat by far in downtown Cleveland. The sandwiches are a bit pricey but soooooo worth it.

Anthony T.

Once or twice a week, someone in our office orders sandwiches for the entire floor. They leave them on a table for anyone to take. Two weeks ago, there was the usual offering of sandwiches at lunch. They were unmarked, but looked fairly good, so my coworker and I each took one. One bite, and we knew - we were eating Perfect Sandwiches.

Laurel W.

Stopped to look at the menu in the window on the way to Subway and decided to give it a shot.The frisco turkey wrap had great flavor to it. Fresh guac, and gorgonzolla mayo! What a refreshing tangy zing of flavor. There were several tables outside to enjoy the fresh air as well as inside dining. Service was quick and choices were plentiful.Pizza, flatbreads, and sandwiches of many varieties avail.If I am staying at the hotel across the street again I will definately be back!

Erica G